Intex Backyard Swimming Pool Reviews

Intex Recreation Corporation is known for its quality recreational products such as above ground pools, airbeds, and inflatable hot tub spas. Being in the industry for more than 40 years, its reputation is indisputably remarkable. This company’s goal is to give customers superior quality products which are comfortable, fun, affordable, and safe. Aside from its products, it takes pride to its customer support.

Having a vision of being the most reliable in its industry, Intex products go through routine checks before these are introduced in the market in order to keep up with its high standards of safety and class. One of the commitments of Intex is to lessen carbon emission. It has put efforts in lessening the usage of fossil fuels for over a decade.

Intex’s Metal Frame is a thick liner supported by strong, durable steel frames. The steel frames are powder coated to prevent rust for extra protection. A reinforcement band surrounds the entire pool to keep the steel frame stable and in place. Pool assembly takes approximately 45 minutes to be ready to fill with water. All metal frame pool sets include a 110-120 Krystal Clear cartridge filter pump to help you with the pool maintenance and ensure that you have clean pool water. This pool also has a ground fault interrupter to prevent the risk of electric shock. If the current becomes exposed to water, the electricity is automatically shut off. The larger pool sizes (15 ft and 18 ft) also include a pool ladder, ground cover, and debris cover. This pool comes in 10 ft up to 18 ft diameter sizes.

Since the pool holds 1,718 gallons of water, we elected to spend five extra minutes attaching a filter pump that can be purchased with the pool as a set—or in our case borrowed from a friend—with the idea that we won’t have to drain and refill the pool at all this summer.

It is important to mention though that all Intex pools need to be set-up on extremely level ground or they pose a structural safety issue, so prior to starting any of this we leveled an area of our very sloped yard; a task that for some people might actually be the most difficult and time-consuming part.

Prism frame pools offer a lot of the same benefits you would get from Ultra Frame rectangular pools, but with smaller sizes and more affordability. If you don’t have a huge backyard, prism frame pools are a more ideal size and come in rectangular and circle shapes. They also give your yard a fresh new look with its contemporary cool blue/gray color and white trim and add convenience with a built-in drain plug.

The frame is made of a sturdy powder-coated steel tubing that’s light but highly durable, and the trimmed liner is made of 3-ply PVC vinyl to prevent punctures and tears. You can choose sizes from a family-sized 16ft x 8ft x 42in pool up to a large 24ft x 52in pool and the price can be around $100 up to $600 depending on size.

Being an easy-to-use inflatable pool set, the Intex 15 X 42 can be set up and filled with water in just about 15 minutes. This makes it an above-ground pool set with one of the fastest setup time frame.

The pool is able to accommodate about 3,284 gallons when it is filled to almost 80% of its capacity. This volume is ideal for small groups of people that intend to bask in the sun or engage in interesting games while enjoying the cool water.

The pool set is also equipped with tools like a cartridge filter pump, ground cloth, a ladder, and of course, debris cover.

The most affordable pool set they have are the kiddie pools and easy set pools which are perfect for children below five years old. They’re perfect for families who don’t have enough backyard space to fit larger pools but need one for their kids to use during the summer.

They also have above ground pools perfect for families with an adequate sized backyard, it’s called the metal frame pool set. It’s a very durable pool set and very easy to set up. The pool can be filled with water in approximately 60 minutes, and at least 4 adults can fit inside with ample space between them.

Because of its weight and all the pieces included this item may ship in several boxes. Do an inventory check before beginning your set-up. This version also comes with the standard Intex features. A filter pump, salt water system, debris cover, ground cloth, pool ladder, and maintenance kit. Of course, the coveted volleyball set is also included in the package.

The PVC laminated walls provide all the strength and durability you need to hold the approx. 14,400 gallons of water. The pool can hold more water, but this is the recommended amount. Also, there is the dual suction system which keeps the water clear and hygienic.

All pools come with a 110-120 V pump and the larger sets also come with the ladder, ground cover, and pool cover. A special feature you will only find on the Bestway Swim Vista series is the reinforced, fortified windows built into the sides of the pool. This allows for supervision from the outside and fun interaction between spectators and swimmers.

However, there have been complaints of the windows leaking within months of purchase. Most customers feel that these pools are sturdy, good value, and easy to assemble.

Intex Prism frame pool is what you need. It has a good capacity and will accommodate several users quite well. What’s more, it’s very easy to set up and thus take a few minutes. You also don’t need to possess great skills to assemble the pieces. The instructions and the DVD that come with the unit are simple and also very clear. It boasts of a tough steel frame for good support and long-lasting effects. This makes certain the device doesn’t move during use. Also, it will handle the water plus the users quite well.

To combat rust, fading, corrosion, chipping and other negative effects the steel tubing has powder coating. This finish also improves its overall looks. The unit includes a reliable cartridge fire pumps that works well. It’s also not noisy and offers long-lasting service.

Note that, according to the manufacturer website, the pump and filter won’t completely prevent algae growth. In order to do that, Intex suggests purchasing an Intex Krystal Clear Saltwater System, which runs about $140 on the low end. A saltwater system will help maintain the correct chlorine and pH levels in the pool, which is necessary not only to prevent algae issues but also to kill any harmful bacteria that may be looming in the pool. 

Maintaining the right chlorine levels and pH balance can be tricky to do on your own with chemicals—we struggled with this back when we had an in-ground pool in a humid, blazing-hot climate—and that saltwater system greatly simplifies that process. 

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